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SAQ® Ireland’s product range includes:

  • Courses and Workshops for Local Sports Partnerships, Clubs, County Boards and Educational Institutes
  • New SAQ® Workshop on Functional Screening and Development.
  • Functional Screening and Exercise Prescription for teams (on-site)
  • Functional Screening as well as exercise and programme prescription for Individual athletes and players
  • Functional Screening services for all Sports People 
  • Fitness Training Consultancy work for Club teams in all sports
  • Fitness Testing for Club teams in all sports

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One simple benefit for an athlete or team player being functionally screened is in the area of pre-habilitation. By eliminating physical compensations one can lower the injury risk at training or at competitions.

However a Functional Screening programme can also enhance the ability of the athlete/player to sprint faster, turn quicker, jumper higher and execute skill more effectively by ensuring that their body functions more effectively and more efficiently. This applies to the individual or team performer and even to those who participate in sports as diverse as athletics, rugby, Gaelic football, hurling, golf, tennis or sailing.


This is a SAQ® International Level 1 Award course for coaches from all sports accredited by NCFE (UK). The content includes the benefits of screening, screen set-up, screen scoring, compensation identification and how to set up a prescriptive exercises programme of stretching, strengthening and movement pattern re-setting by using specific exercises for each individual player or athlete.


This service is available to both teams and individual players and athletes. In each case, the individual is screen and a performance profile is drawn up outlining the areas which inhibit performance in sport. A corrective programme of work is presented to the individual which will enhance his or her ability to compete and perform in the future.

The objective of a functional screen is to identify the compensation or limitations which may inhibit the proper functioning of the player’s or athlete’s body in one’s chosen sport. Through a personalised programme of stretching, strengthening and movement pattern re-setting (which can take as little as 10 minutes a day) the individual athlete/player can enhance how his or her body can function on the sports arena.


In the present economic climate, the expenses incurred in having an outside manager and/or fitness coach is expensive. SAQ Ireland® have come up with a very reasonable solution to your club’s problem by providing fitness consultancy support to the team manager and his or her selectors and this can even include the fitness coach. The aim is designing and overseeing a state of the art fitness programme for your team for the full season. Training advice can include functional development, speed, stamina and strength work depending on the needs of the team and its manager.

The Package:

  • Meeting (2 to 3 hours) every month with team manager, selectors and fitness person
  • Designing a monthly programme of work suitable to the objectives, standard and fitness of the team
  • Advising on all training matters and preparation and recovery from all games during each month
  • Being available on the phone for advice on individual players, injury management and any team matter required by the manager.

The Cost

The cost will be very inexpensive and will be set as a monthly direct payment after each visit. The actual cost will depend on the amount of work and input required for each project. The basic project will be in the region of €200 per month.


SAQ IRELAND® has teamed up with SAQ® INTERNATIONAL to launch it new On-Line Sports College. All the courses are 60 weeks long and are NVQ Level 4 (European equivalent to FETAC Level 5). All our 7 Strength and Conditioning courses are sport specific while we also have just launched the first ever course for team managers and prospective team managers – Diploma in Sports Team Management – as well as our excellent Diploma in Athlete/Player Development – The First 20 Years which is designed to assist with development and coaching of athletes and players at any stage from pre-school to under 20 level. All the courses are completed fully on-line at your own convenience including the short workshops. All course details including fees and payment plans can be seen by logging on to www.saqcollege.com.

The courses available on line include:

  • Diploma in Strength and Conditioning for Gaelic Games.
  • Diploma in Strength and Conditioning for Rugby
  • Diploma in Strength and Conditioning for Football
  • Diploma in Strength and Conditioning for Hockey
  • Diploma in Strength and Conditioning for Cricket
  • Diploma in Strength and Conditioning for Tennis & Racquet Sports
  • Diploma in Strength and Conditioning for Basketball, Volleyball, Netball & Olympic Handball
  • Diploma in Strength and Conditioning for Sport
  • Diploma in Strength and Conditioning for Personal Trainer & Fitness Industry Instructor
  • Diploma in Sports Team Management
  • Diploma in Player/Athlete Development – The First 20 Years.


SAQ IRELAND® is a company dedicated to developing the speed, agility, quickness® of players and athletes from a wide range of competitive sports so that they have an enhanced ability to:


  • Anticipate better
  • React quicker
  • Start more explosively
  • Sprint faster
  • Perform skills with greater precision
  • Improve their overall speed, agility, quickness® for their particular sport

The SAQ® Training TM system uses sports specific training methods, skill and movement exercises, development drills and co-ordination activities which promote each and every attribute required of to-day’s top performers

SAQ® System

SAQ® TrainingTM is a system of progressive exercise and instruction aimed at developing fundamental motor abilities to enhance the capability of players and athletes to be more skillful at faster speeds and with greater precision.

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History of SAQ®

SAQ® International was founded by Alan Pearson in 1996 upon his return to the UK from Australia where he player top class rugby for Queensland.

Today SAQ® International has become a truly multi-national company dedicated to the provision of quality sports education programmes.

SAQ® Ireland began delivering courses in 2002 throughout the country. Currently, there are over 7000 coaches who have begun the SAQ® qualifications

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