About SAQ


SAQ System:

SAQ TrainingTM is a system of progressive exercise and instruction aimed at developing fundamental motor abilities to enhance the capability of players and athletes to be more skillful at faster speeds and with greater precision.

    • Aims at improving maximum velocity of movement throughout each and every general as well as sports specific activity
    • Aims at developing the ability to change movement patterns with speed and precision
    • Aims at improving the ability to react and initiate movement. It also refers to the process of improving acceleration over both very short and longer distances as required by the specific nature of a specific sport.

NOTE: Speed, Agility, and Quickness® are all very trainable components of fitness, as long as the approach and methods used are specific, planned, progressive and informed.

The aim of SAQ IRELAND® is to provide an education programme for coaches by helping them understand the elements involved, the principles of the SAQ TrainingTM system and the methods used to coach teams and players to become faster, more agile and quicker in though and movement.

SAQ TrainingTM is a registered and patented system of training by SAQ INTERNATIONAL®

SAQ History:

SAQ International was founded by Alan Pearson in 1996 upon his return to the UK from Australia where he player top class rugby for Queensland.

Today SAQ International has become a truly multi-national company dedicated to the provision of quality sports education programmes.

Head Office: Melton Mowbray, East Midlands, UK
Incorporated: March, 1999
Status: Limited Liability Company 100% Director ownership
Markets: Sport Education, Health & Fitness, Other Population Professionals
Head Office: Address SAQ International, Unit 12, Asfordby Business Park, Welby. Melton Mowbray. LE14 3JL
Telephone 01664 810101 (If calling from outside the U.K. +44 1664 810101)
Fax 01664 810102 (If faxing from outside the U.K. +44 1664 810102)
Email info@saqinternational.com

SAQ International has now developed its products and programmes in the following countries:

Address: SAQ Ireland, 35 Belmont Lawn, Stillorgan. County Dublin. Ireland.
Telephone: +/00 353 (0) 1 2834 089
Email: sales@saqireland.com
Website: www.saqireland.com

France, Germany & Switzerland
Address: SAQ® International, Avenue de Wagram 71, F75017, Paris. France .
Telephone +33 (0) 616552209
Email euro@saqinternational.com


Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Region
Address: SAQ® International, PO Box 1382, Kenmore. Brisbane. Queensland. 4069. Australia.
Telephone +61 (0) 7 3720 0801
Email saq@duncanhallsport.com