Benefits of SAQ

Some Sports which are suitable for SAQ:

Field Based Court Based Track & Field Combative
GAA Basketball Sprinting Boxing
Soccer Tennis Middle Distance Judo
Rugby Squash Long Distance Kickboxing
Hockey Handball Cross Country Fencing
Cricket Table Tennis Hurdles Karate
American Football Netball Indoor & Outdoor Tae-Kwon-Do
Baseball Badminton Jumping events Jiu-Jitsu
Australian Rules Football Volleyball Throwing events


Speed, Agility, Quickness® is a system of training that enhances performance levels in all sports. Gradual and progressive use of the SAQ TrainingTM exercises, drills and methods leads to improvement in:

  • Acceleration
  • Speed
  • Arm action
  • Footwork
  • Response time
  • Explosion

Consistent use of SAQ Training TM also increases:

  • Visual awareness
  • Hand-eye co-ordination
  • General manual dexterity


SAQ ProgrammesTM set out to assist coaches to train teams, squads, and players in a way that is more closely aligned to game situations than conventional training methods. However SAQ TrainingTM system does not replace these methods. Rather the system compliments the general training programme in the areas of speed, general fitness, conditioning and skill.


SAQ TrainingTM concentrates on proper running form and explosive movement patterns for sports which require speed, agility and quickness as a basic prerequisite for success. It is ideal for all field and court-based sports which are mainly multi-sprint events requiring fast multi-directional movement patterns in addition to anticipation, sharpness of mind, reaction and acceleration as key components of sports specific fitness.


The SAQ ContinuumTM covers everything from dynamic warm-up and flexibility; to active mobility exercising; to running and movement patterns; to explosive speed acceleration runs; to muscle building and explosive weight training systems; to plyometrics and resisted plyometric exercises and drills, while emphasizing the importance of diet maintenance and recovery patterns.


Each section or part of the SAQ ProgrammesTM may be used individually by teams, squads or players and will generate tremendous results. However, the greatest results will appear while using the various elements of the SAQ system collectively, in association with normal sports specific fitness and conditioning training as well as while developing sports specific skills and techniques.


SAQ TrainingTM system is unique in that it ensures the coach is focused not only on linear movement, but plans for lateral, diagonal, reverse as well as vertical movement patterns which are equally appropriate to game situations. These movement patterns are coached, practised and implemented during the whole training regime – in conditioning training, as well as during skill acquisition and speed development.

The Edge

The world’s top sporting clubs, players, and coaches are turning to the SAQ TrainingTM and to SAQ personnel for cutting edge training solutions. Ensure your club team and its coaches have the winning edge. Contact the professional system of training….. SAQ IRELAND® is ready to deliver for your team.