Frequently Asked Questions

What is SAQ Training?
SAQ TrainingTM is a system of progressive exercise and instruction aimed at developing fundamental motor abilities to enhance the capability of players / athletes to be more skilful at faster speeds and with greater precision.

What do the letters S.A.Q stand for?
‘S’ is for Speed, ‘A’ is for Agility and ‘Q’ is for Quickness.

Can we improve Speed, Agility & Quickness in athletes?
Speed, agility and quickness are trainable with the right coaching techniques and methods. SAQ Ireland provides a system employing specific coaching and training methods.

What does SAQ Training do?
SAQ TrainingTM plays an important role in motor co-ordination, acceleration, balance, agility and reaction development at all ages and at all levels. It can be incorporated into fitness programmes all year round – indoor and outdoor – in designated circuits, isolated drills, and integrated exercises, and most importantly, during ball work.

What can SAQ Accreditation courses do for you?
The SAQ Accreditation AwardsTM will improve one’s coaching ability by raising one’s awareness of the need for skill specific and sports specific fitness programmes. It will influence the coach’s views on warm-up, speed and the integration of skill work into agility and quickness training. It will add a new dimension to one’s general coaching repertoire.

What are the results?
After using SAQ TrainingTM methods your team, both individually and collectively should be faster, more agile, better equipped to cope with the skills of the game under pressure.

What are the origins of the Company?
In the 1990’s, Alan Pearson, an ex-Western Australian Rugby player and qualified coach visited the USA to study the training methods of various sports in use there. Upon his return, he refined his own methods and later drew up the blueprint for the present SAQ TrainingTM and has since patented the SAQ system for use in Europe and in many other countries around the world.

How many levels are available in SAQ TrainingTM?
SAQ Ireland offers two courses for coaches:

  • Foundation Award:
    • Six hour course
  • Level 1 Award:
    • Six hour course
  • Conditioning Workshop:
    • Six hour course

SAQ INTERNATIONAL® runs a SAQ DiplomaTM course by correspondance. Coaches are expected to have completed the preceding levels before undertaking the Diploma course.

How do you contact SAQ Training?
35, Belmont Lawn,
Co. Dublin
Phone: 01-2834089
Fax: 01-2934089

E-Mail: admin@saqireland.com